Membership Info

What You Get

– 1-5 herbal products four times a year, depending on your share size (see below for different options).

– Full Share Members receive a herbal consultation with Tish and a herbal tonic individually formulated for your particular health concerns.

– Detailed information on the herbs and tonics and how to use them.

– Members Only Login password to CSM Members page with herbal information.

– Reduced rate on extra tonics or tinctures from Queen Mab’s Tonics.

– Reduced rate on herbal consultations.

– Invitations to workshops and plant walks.

– DVD or streaming link for Juliette of the Herbs, a film made by Tish about the famous herbalist, holistic animal healer and traveller, Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

Share Options & Prices

Full Share: $400

  • 4-5 herbal items four times a year.
  • Consultation with herbalist Tish about your (or a family member’s) health concerns.
  • A special tonic formulated for your individual needs and health concerns.
  • All of the items listed above under What You Get.

Half Share: $200

  • 2-3 herbal items four times a year.
  • All of the items listed above under What You Get.

Quarter Share: $100

  • 1-2 herbal items four times a year.
  • All of the items listed above under What You Get.

Shipping: $50 or $25

  • For those of you who live outside the Hopewell area, your share can be shipped at a cost of $50 a year for a Full and Half Share and $25 a year for a Quarter Share.

One thought on “Membership Info

  1. Hi Tish!
    My husband Jonathan and I are farmers in Gloucestershire, in the UK , and we have been using Juliette’s book ‘For Farm and Stable’ for many years.
    Several years ago I found your film on YouTube and was captivated. Such a beautiful person and a beautiful film.
    I have shared the story with many friends and have told them about the film.
    I would dearly love to have a dvd copy of it but, although I have seen a U.S. copy on dvd, I think there is no Region 2 version?
    I shall continue to plant rosemary in my garden as it always reminds me of Juliette and her garden by the sea.
    I think Mab’s Herbs is also a wonderful venture!
    Sending warmest wishes,
    Annabelle Crump.

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